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Insurance Services - The Sherry Wegner Insurance Agency, Inc.

Sherry is the Owner of Sherry Wegner Agency, a Texas based insurance agency providing farmers and ranchers with crop insurance. Highly regarded for her unwavering dedication to providing farmers with the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance in the region, Sherry consistently fuels the growth of her business through her reputation for excellent service.

Holding multiple state licenses in General Lines, Life and Health Insurance, Sherry has held an impressive thirty year reign in the industry, continuing to gain momentum through consistent repeat and referral clients. Currently, Sherry connects with farmers on a personal level, meeting to review finance and production records to run quotes based on a government regulated insurance program.

Sherry is an agent of the Federal Crop Insurance Program, which became available in the area to farmers in 1980. Sherry says, "I went to work for them as an adjuster and later a supervisor to train agents & adjusters. The government decided to start administering the program through private industry in 1984. Due to my experience, I felt I could service the farmers better by becoming an agent. I had grown up on a farm and my husband was a farmer so I felt farmers needed an agent that cared for them. I opened my office in April, 1984 and it was a wise move. After a few years I opened two more offices. My son manages the San Angelo office and a farmer friend and customer manages our Garden City office. I also have agents in El Paso Co. and have since expanded my business to the Gonzales, Tx. area. It has been a wonderful experience and I have been truly blessed."


Crop Insurance to Farmers and Ranchers

Government Regulated Insurance Program, Marketed Through Private Industry, Meets with Farmers, Reviews Financials and Production Records, Runs Quotes

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